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Ludens Ensemble is an Edinburgh-based theatre group which works with live music, masks, puppets, projections and animation, creating performances that ebb and flow between the aesthetics of critical distance and immersive experience. Macbeth: without words was performed at the Hidden Door Festival in 2015 and in Cyprus as part of the ‘Pafos’ European Capital of Culture 2017 celebrations.


Ludens Ensemble is collaborating with the European Capital of Culture Pafos 2017. We will develop two projects which includes thee theatrical plays and a series of workshops.


Collective Memory includes two theatrical plays. Macbeth: without words, which is a rework of Shakespeare’s Macbeth was be staged in the early summer of 2015 and Ubu Roi by Alfred Jarry in the early summer of  2016.


Forbidden Stories, a performance  based on testimonies from Greek and Turkish Cypriots who have witnessed the events surrounding the invasion of the Turkish army in 1974, will be staged in 2017.


The Collective Memory  and the Forbidden stories has  been granted a fund by the European Capital of Culture Pafos 2017 that guarantees more than half of its production costs. The projects will be developed and staged in Edinburgh and Pafos.


Moreover, we are opening our studio in 2016 in Edinburgh. We will hold a series of workshops, performances ,rehearsals and a small scale video productions which includes promotional videos for art projects such a video art and music videos clips.



Video Projects

Web Video, Trailers, Music Videos, Video Art, Interviews.


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Portraits, landscape, Performances, Events, Business.


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Dslr Camera, Lenses, Tripods, Shoulder Rig, Microphone, Lighting, Projectors, Mounts


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Rent Video Equipment and Projectors

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A series of Theatre Workshops. Masks, Puppets, Movements, New Media.


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Adam Tompa  is an actor, stage-director. He graduated with a MA at the University of Theatre and Film Arts in Budapest with a profound interest in progressive theatre and devising techniques. He's worked for Maladype Theatre as a collaborator for six years. He has established a devising company called Spidron-Shop Theatre and staged three complete shows with them and many short improvisation-performances as part of their studies. Since living in the UK he took part in the graduation showcase at Central School of Speach and Drama in London as an actor in 2013, and has also participated in several short-films. He attended the Scrapyard Manifesto workshop devoted to political theatre in Edinburgh in 2014.


Philippos Philippou is an award-winning stage director working with multimedia as well as with masks and puppetry for theater. He has directed for the National Theater of Greece and his adaptation on ‘Horror Stories from Japan’, which is based on the interaction of masks and puppets with video projections and animation, was nominated for the ‘Uchimura Prize 2010’ (Japan) by the ‘Cyprus Centre of the International Theatre Institute’. Philippos has also been awarded the ‘English Literature Play Award’ by the University of Edinburgh in 2012 for his stage performance Mother Tongue which was based on folk stories and poems from around the world. His work with Ludens Ensemble has been presented at the ‘Edinburgh Fringe Festival’, the ‘Hidden Door Festival’, the ‘Manipulate Visual Theatre Festival’ in Edinburgh, the ‘Theatre Der Dinge’ Festival in Berlin and the ‘Experimental Theatre Festival’ of Shanghai. The use of new media strengthens his practice of opening up the drama on stage towards a visceral interaction with the audience.



Vangelis Makriyannakis is an independent film and theatre scholar (Ph.D.) affiliated with the University of Edinburgh where he teaches at the Office of Lifelong Learning. His work has been published in international peer reviewed journals and he has been co-curator of the Greek Film Festival here in Edinburgh for a number of years. As a Dramaturg for Ludens Ensemble he is also responsible for supervising their written material. He is a professional DJ and his work explores the dynamics generated through the relationship between sound and image. His latest project under the name ‘Resound Metropolis’ involved the making of a new soundscape/soundtrack for Fritz Lang’s ‘Metropolis’ (1927). The project was featured at the International Science Fiction Festival of Athens and premiered in the U.K. at the Cameo Picturehouse in Edinburgh in 2014. In 2017 ‘Resound Metropolis’ will be performed in different venues around the U.K. ‘ Macbeth: without words and Ubu Roi has allowed him to introduce the element of physical space in his research on sound and image. He is currently working on a book proposal for a monograph on the Greek filmmaker Theo Angelopoulos for Edinburgh University Press.


Persefoni Gerangelou is a theatre practitioner based in Edinburgh. She studied drama theory with a focus on ‘Drama in Special Education’ at the University of Athens and is a graduate of the Drama School ‘Delos’ in Athens, where she was trained as an actress. She holds a Diploma in Physical Theatre Practice from Fife College. As part of this course she has participated in work that was presented at manipulate and Hidden Door Festival in Edinburgh. For the past five years she has been performing with various theatre groups and artists in Greece and Scotland and has also participated in several short films. She has a special interest in masks and puppetry and is a member of Pulse Puppetry, a plat-form for emerging and innovative puppetry work.Parallel to her performing activity, Persefoni has been working as a drama teacher with groups of adults and children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other additional support needs.



Dylan Read, is a Franco-British theatre practitioner. After obtaining Dux in Arts and Humanities at Madras College (St.Andrews), and a literature degree from The University of Edinburgh (1st, with distinction), Dylan moved back to Paris to train in physical theatre at the Ecole Jacques Lecoq. Whilst working on the 2-year professional course, he also followed parallel training at the Laboratory for the Study of Movement (L.E.M.), and continues to be an ongoing collaborator with the course organisers. Since graduating from Lecoq in 2014, Dylan has returned to live in Edinburgh. From here he has been performing and devising work which is shown across Scotland, England and the continent. His ongoing projects include work with Ludens Ensemble (Alfred Jarry’s Ubu Roi and Macbeth: Without Words), Oceanallover (Not to Scale) and Blood of the Young (Daphne Oram’s Wonderful World of Sound).

Dylan is also a founding member of Théâtre Senza, with whom he has devised and toured Miraculi: a contemporary piece about migration on the island of Lampedusa. He is also movement director for professional vocal ensemble Le Miroir, and co-artistic director of large-scale international ensemble GoodDog theatre co. His most recent solo performances have included: The Letter (Bouffon Scratchings),Damned Shame (Naked Aye), Ptarmigan (Situationist Workers’ Tapes vs. Nice Church) and Entr’acte: Le Brutus [Dirigeable en cuivre] (Satie Reconstitué), as well as poetry readings for The Rimbaud and Verlaine Foundation and The British Library. Dylan is currently co-directing Poetry House - Live; a collaboration with 7 playwrights from 7 different European countries, about the lives of 7 national poets. This piece premiered at Kings Place, London on the 19th of September, 2016.


Jenny Lynn is a Performer and theatre-maker.  Her creations include the one-to-one performance, ‘Imprint’ which has shown at Tempting Failure and Buzzcut Festival, and ‘Winnie Hopper’ which she created with Andrew Simpson for Manipulate Festival 2016. Recent performances include ‘The Lady Vanishes’ with Dudendance for Summerhall’s Edinburgh Fringe, and with Ludens Ensemble performing ‘Ubu Roi’ at Hidden Door Festival, and ‘Macbeth: Without Words’ in Shanghai - China.


Moyra Campbell graduated in 2001 from Glasgow School of Art with an MPhil in 2D/3D motion graphics. Since then, her career has spanned many aspects of de-sign, animation and visualisation. She has a great fascination for the use of real-time digi-tal media in performance and education and has created acclaimed digital content for the Glasgow Science Cetre Planetarium. With the Digital Learning Foundation she created a series of real-time stereoscopic workshops inspiring children in science and technology. Moyra has also utilised digital techniques in numerous live festival performances including Designers Block in London. She worked with a team creating a multi-award winning per-formance In3dients for the Ubiquitous Chip restaurant anniversary celebrations (Scottish and UK Event awards).In 2013 she set up design consultancy Wiretrace, which was cho-sen to represent Scotland for the Open University 50 year celebrations and created ‘the brain trilogy ‘ - a live digital performance exploring neurological research in the University. Prior to working in design Moyra worked as a post- doctoral molecular biologist and her art, ideas and method are greatly inspired by biological and physical sciences.



Sound and Video  Engineer

Petros Tsaftaridis works as a freelance Sound Engineer & Designer and is based in Edinburgh. As a live sound engineer he has worked with rock bands, acoustic ensembles, orchestras, choirs and theatrical groups in a variety of live venues and theatres. His professional experience also includes working in sound for film and television; that is, location recordings and Foley art, as well as post-production editing and mixing. Petros was born in Athens, Greece. He attended the Music High School in Pallini, Greece, where he developed his skills and expanded his musical knowledge. After graduating from school, he studied computer programming. His professional career in IT mainly involved administering and maintaining enterprise-level computer networks. Later on in his life, he decided to combine his technical knowledge with his love for music. So he went back to college to study Music with Technology, and in 2012 acquired a BA in Sound Production and Engineering from the University of Wales. He further pursued his studies on a postgraduate level, obtaining his MA in Sound Production from Edinburgh Napier University in 2013, for which he was awarded with the University Medal in recognition of outstanding achievements .